2021 Reading List

Here is my unofficial reading list for 2021. I might change it up here or there, but I don’t plan on changing much, maybe only the order. According to my math this should get me to 33 books which is my goal…I might even try to do better than 33 books. We shall see.

  • Logic: A Complete Introduction
    by Siu-Fan Lee
  • Wheel of Time Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight
    by Robert Jordan
  • White Guilt
    by Shelby Steele
  • Wheel of Time Book 11: Knife of Dreams
    by Robert Jordan
  • How to Have Impossible Conversations
    by Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay
  • Wheel of Time Book 12: The Gathering Storm
    By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
  • Irreversible Damage
    by Abigail Shrier
  • Wheel of Time Book 13: The Towers of Midnight
    By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
  • Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life
    by Jordan Peterson
  • Wheel of Time Book 14: A Memory of Light (Finally! I mean, the story is good, but 14 books! I’m ready for this point in the year)
    by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
  • Return of the God Hypothesis
    by Stephen C. Meyer
  • 1984
    by George Orwell
  • False Alarm
    by Bjorn Lomborg
  • The Kill Artist
    by Daniel Silva
  • Apocalypse Never
    by Michael Shellenberger
  • Timeline
    by Michael Crichton
  • The History of the Ancient World (I listened to the audiobook last year…feel like I need to read the physical copy this year…)
    by Susan Weise-Bauer
  • The Expanse Book 1: Leviathan Wakes
    by James S. A. Corey
  • The History of the Medieval World
    by Susan Weise-Bauer
  • Mistborn Trilogy Book 1: Mistborn
    by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Plantagenets
    by Dan Jones
  • James Bond: License Renewed (First Bond novel after Ian Fleming’s death. Hope it’s good.)
    by John Gardner
  • The Wars of the Roses
    by Dan Jones
  • Witcher Series Book 2: Time for Contempt
    by Andrej Sapkowski
  • Reinventing Racism: Why “White Fragility” Is the Wrong Way to Think about Racial Inequality
    by Jonathan D. Church
  • Witcher Series Book 3: Baptism of Fire
    by Andrej Sapkowski
  • One Vote Away
    by Ted Cruz
  • Paradise Lost
    by John Milton
  • The Naked Communist
    by W. Cleon Skousen
  • A Christmas Carol, The Chimes, and The Cricket on the Hearth (yearly tradition around Christmas)
    by Charles Dickens
  • Meditations
    by Marcus Aurelius
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
    by Harper Lee
  • The Rational Male 3: Positive Masculinity
    by Rollo Tomassi

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