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2021 Reading List

My reading list for 2021. I’m so excited to dig into these books I can hardly wait.

The Butcher of Island, Kentucky – Preview

Chapter 1 Mack fled south toward Nashville, Tennessee for two reasons: Joliet was no longer safe, and he had it on good word that a man in Nashville named Clarence Grassly knew about his father’s murder. The good word had come from a low-level government official that signed the report that eventually lead to his…

Rooftop Koreans are Quintessential Americans

The brave Korean-Americans that guarded their livelihoods during the 1992 Los Angeles riots have become something of legendary figures in our culture. When the chips were down and society in the city of Los Angeles was crumbling, they successfully deterred rioters from destroying their businesses. Their story sticks in our cultural subconscious, maybe not as…

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