About Me and This Blog…

I’m not comfortable in the public light. I generally think I’m an average man with a decent intellect and reasoning capabilities, so I don’t see why I should think myself special enough for anyone to listen to me. And yet, I also want to tell stories to the world. Even the best of us aren’t without inconsistencies, I suppose.

With traditional publishing waning, independent publishing is becoming more viable and seems to be more stable. This blog, then, becomes important for building my online presence to better sell books. Plus, going independent means I’m my own boss. I won’t be at the whim of some executive that thinks I should have a paraplegic, transgender midget as my main character because they need more intersectionality…or whatever the kids are tearing down statues for these days.

If building an online presence is needed, I should try to make something meaningful of it. I plan to use this blog to grow my ability to think analytically and critically about subjects. I hope to become adept at discussing philosophical viewpoints with clarity while being somewhat entertaining. I plan to stray away from current news as much as possible, but I reserve the right to discuss the philosophy behind news stories or current events should I feel like it. I don’t want to be a journalist, only a thinker.

So, this blog is going to be a forum for me to test ideas. For this reason, I encourage you to participate. I want to hear your challenges or additions to my opinions. But I want to keep this discussion civil.

Most discussions that I see online anymore are just two people screaming explitives at each other instead of listening. Here are some general points to remember while on this site.

1) I’m going to have opinions that piss you off. This is okay. Ideas wouldn’t be interesting if they didn’t push boundaries and challenge us.

2) If you disagree with me on a subject, I am more than happy to discuss the subject with you. Thinking critically on a subject is somewhat masturbatory without dialogue of some kind. I want my ideas challenged.

3) I am willing to change my mind given compelling evidence. I will not participate in a discussion with you if you are condescending or only arguing from an emotional viewpoint. Those discussions are pointless as they just devolve into sniping attacks at one another instead of coming to a more complete knowledge of a subject.

4) If we are discussing a topic you must have an answer to what Peter Boghossian calls a disconfirmation question. “Under what conditions could your belief be wrong?” I try to have disconfirmation points in all of my beliefs so that I leave myself open to changing my mind. It’s hard to become rigid in an ideology when you know what pillars your arguments rest on.

5) Refrain from ad hominem attacks. They don’t further a discussion and they make you look like a loser.

I agree with George Carlin on PC Culture and I don’t care if I offend you so I will probably be cancelled at some point. Let’s have fun until then!