The American Spirit

America has long been filled with a hard-nosed, determined people who fight against the powers that be. We fought off the world’s largest empire when we were just a handful of scrappy colonies who had ideals for a better country, and we have spent 244 years battling within ourselves and with the world to create a better way of life. With this attitude and grit, we have created the most fair and prosperous society to date, and we keep striving for more.

The attacks on our history and our underpinning ideals the past few years has been disheartening (and those aren’t white ideals, you absolute loons who think so). At times I have felt like our great nation was slipping through our grasp soon to be filled by something much worse than we could imagine. I’ll probably get into the myriad of causes behind this unrest in later blogs, or at least the causes I can see, but let’s just say I’ve been less than optimistic about the future of our country.

That’s why waking to find these videos was a heartening sight:

Maybe these people shooting illegal fireworks into the sky are celebrating the 4th of July against their local government’s wishes like Benny Johnson would like us to believe. Maybe they are bored and tired of the lock down. Maybe the increase in fireworks complaints over the past month have been caused by the protests.

Which ever amalgamation of those three parties (and however many parties I haven’t thought of) you want to believe in, one fact remains. Millions of red-blooded Americans went out last night, in blatant disregard for the rules set down by the overlords in California, to celebrate their greatest freedom. Their freedom to put their middle finger in the air so the powers at be can look upon with despair. Born from our disdain for those trying to control us. Born from our disregard for our “betters” who try to make us follow rules “for our own good.”

You might call it stupid. You might call it dangerous. I call it unfettered American Spirit. We aren’t pushed around easily and when we set our mind to something, we get it done. We won our freedom from one of the greatest empires the world ever knew. We soaked soil in blood to rid ourselves of the sin of slavery. We sacrificed our young men to stop a fanatic who killed millions. We fought a long, cold war against an ideology that enslaves every human unlucky enough to fall under its jurisdiction. I’m looking at you Socialism, 100 million body count and growing. Like a sick McDonald’s.

We are the United States of America. The job isn’t done and never will be. Utopia isn’t an attainable dream, for we are all imperfect humans driven by imperfect impulses, but we fight every day to be as good as we can be in a fallen world. And for that I am forever grateful.

And just because I found this and love it, have a look at a beautiful patriot:

Correction, Benny, this should be the country’s platform.