A Case Against Collectivism

Collectivism has long been the vehicle of much human suffering. To discount the individual in order to promote the collective, a society can rationalize and enact a litany of injustices upon any number of people it deems unfit or dangerous to society. As an individualist, I oppose collectivism at all costs because I can look back at history and note when collectivism created catastrophic injustices upon innocent individuals.

When we look back in history at the government bodies that were created in Marx’s name, via collectivism, we are forced to peer around HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dead bodies. These people, who had hopes, dreams, families, and enemies just as all of us do, were deemed unfit for society and their bodies where thrown upon the self-righteous alter of collectivist thought. You see, collectivism doesn’t care about who you are, or who your mother or father is, they only care about the health of the collective. The evil of collectivism is the belief that they are righteous to take what they want from you, no matter what you think on the matter, because they are building a just society. What is just about killing someone’s mother for the betterment of the collective? Or their father? Or you.

Collectivist thought is not a new concept, it is an everlasting evil that exists within humanity. It is glorified tribalism and it was used to enslave and subjugate anyone outside of one’s tribe since we were stabbing mammoths with spears. Today, tribalism is rearing its ugly head again in the form of identity politics, and sadly I see a lot of my acquaintances on social media falling into the tribal trap. I plan to do everything I can to keep this evil from spreading again. The ease with which we can kill millions of people with our current technology makes tribalism and collectivism infinitely more dangerous than in the past and I refuse to sit back and watch the atrocities unfold. I plan to build upon this idea in later blogs to hopefully help turn our society away from a disastrous and lethal ideology.


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