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The Butcher of Island, Kentucky: Rewriting…

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The Wheel of Time Book 7: A Crown of Swords

The Price of Free

You can never get something for nothing, chains are always attached.

Rooftop Koreans are Quintessential Americans

The brave Korean-Americans that guarded their livelihoods during the 1992 Los Angeles riots have become something of legendary figures in our culture. When the chips were down and society in the city of Los Angeles was crumbling, they successfully deterred rioters from destroying their businesses. Their story sticks in our cultural subconscious, maybe not as … Continue reading Rooftop Koreans are Quintessential Americans

About Me and This Blog…

I’m not comfortable in the public light. I generally think I’m an average man with a decent intellect and reasoning capabilities, so I don’t see why I should think myself special enough for anyone to listen to me. And yet, I also want to tell stories to the world. Even the best of us aren’t … Continue reading About Me and This Blog…


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